Vinyl Review – Denzel Curry – TA13OO

Who is Denzel?

Denzel Curry is a niche hip-hop artist who hasn’t been on my radar for too very long. I just heard of him for the first time last month and as I’ve been mentioning him and asking around it’s become apparent that at least in my circle he’s not well-known. As blown away as I was, first listen, I just had to write this review to share this artist with my awesome readers (no, this is not sponsored post), let me tell you why I think he’s definitely worth your time.

Denzel Curry hails from Florida, USA and according to Wikipedia has been rapping since he was in 6th grade. His most recent album TA13OO was released by Concord Record Group, Inc July 27, 2018.

This album grabbed my attention when my husband Patrick sent me the song SIRENS in a text. I was blown

away and immediately sent it to a few friends I thought would appreciate it. I’ve heard Curry compared to Robb Banks

and while there are some interesting similarities (they both started rapping at the age of 6 and although Banks began life in NY, both hail from Florida) and they’ve recorded together in the past, I’ve gotta say that for me, Robb Banks just lacks fire while Curry is pure energy and still growing as an artist.

A Breath of Fresh Air

This guy is refreshing with his intense flow and on point lyrics. He’s not just making beats and spitting nonsense, a rare thing in my opinion, I think if he keeps at it he’s only going to become more and more well-known (we hope!), I’ll be crossing fingers that he retains his rawness and his perspective because it’s definitely what makes him awesome.

Cover Art

I may have to hide the uber-creepy nightmare inducing album cover under other records so my son doesn’t have bad dreams, but it’s actually pretty rad.

The colored vinyl itself is a nice touch and although some of the tracks seem a bit unbalanced, it’s not bad for a $16 album. Not every song is going to resonate with everyone but every single track on this album has a clear message and if you like hip-hop, I’d say it’s absolutely worth the $16 bucks to add it to your collection.

Have you heard this album yet? If you have anything to ask or add, put it in the comments below.

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