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Black Mountain

The Canadian born psychedelic rock group Black Mountain is the next in our upcoming vinyl releases, they will have a new LP release out on May 24 2019. The album entitled Destroyer will include 8 new tracks with 3 of those well over 6 minutes in length and will be released in both classic black vinyl and special edition white colored vinyl.

Punk Rock Turns Psychedelic

The front man Stephen (Gord) Gordon McBean began his music carrier in the punk genre in the 80’s with his first band Jerk Ward flowed by Mission Of Christ, then Ex Dead Teenager and then Jerk With A Bomb. McBean started to demo other material while paired with Joshua Wells including a demo with the song Black Mountain.  Black Mountain was a breath of fresh air to McBean who was getting tired of the same old sound and the group Black Mountain was born.

You can pre-order Destroyer Black Mountain Vinyl“>on Amazon by clicking here.

Track List for Destroyer

01 Future Shade

02 Horns Arising

03 Closer to the Edge

04 High Rise

05 Pretty Little Lazies

06 Boogie Lover

07 Licensed to Drive

08 FD72

Also from Black Mountain

  • Black Mountain (2005)
  • In the Future (2008)
  • Wilderness Heart (2010)
  • IV (2016)
  • Destroyer (2019)


  • Stormy High (2006, Suicide Squeeze)
  • Bastards of Light (2008, Jagjaguwar)
  • Lucy Brown (2008, Sub Pop)
  • Rollercoaster b/w In the Drones (26/4/2011, Jagjaguwar)

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