Record Store Day 2019 – Butcher Billy and Daniel Pemberton Unite

Daniel Pemberton’s soundtrack to USS Callister of Emmy award-winning fame is being released on vinyl for the very first time by Fire Records for Record Store Day’s annual event this April 13, 2019.

Making this release extra special is Butcher Billy’s release of one of his Black Mirror works of art in LP sleeve form.

So, if you have an appreciation for old-school comic book covers, Netflix’s dystopian hit Black Mirror, Daniel Pemberton’s award-winning soundtrack or hopefully all three, this is going to be a must-have for your vinyl collection!

Unfortunately for some of us, I believe the 1000 pressing release will be in the UK only, so those of us in the USA and elsewhere may have to sit this one out.

Author: Melyssa

26 thoughts on “Record Store Day 2019 – Butcher Billy and Daniel Pemberton Unite

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