Punk Music Legend Bad Brains Reissue Black Dots

Reissue of Bad Brains is out now on white vinyl

For the first time in more than 20 years the Bad Brains first album Black Dots is being reissued (as of May 29th).

Reckless Precision

Although they aren’t well known by all, Bad Brains have certainly achieved cult status by those in the know. These punk legends got their start in jazz in a band called Mind Power but they made a huge change to their sound after hearing punk music band The Damned for the first time. In a punk scene that valued not caring, where you didn’t need to play an instrument well and you certainly weren’t supposed to convey a “positive mental attitude,” along came Bad Brains, who swept through the punk scene with their fast and reckless sound completely shattering the punk stereotype by blending reggae with hardcore punk.

The enormous impact of Bad Brains

Bad Brains may never have achieved mainstream success, but their sound influenced a great many bands such as Beastie Boys, Minor Threat, Fishbone, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana and even Sublime and 311.

“While Bad Brains are certainly not my favorite, they are unique and set the blue print for lots of bands that came after them, it’s always fun to go back and listen to artists that influenced the artists I love.” -Patrick Collins

White vinyl reissue currently available on Amazon

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This reissue will also be released on black vinyl later in April 2019.

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