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Music Streaming Madness

Today I want to talk about music streaming and its effect on the music industry.  Maybe you know it’s making it difficult for emerging artists,…

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New LPs skipping? Here’s Why

Have you ever gotten a new record, only to find that it won’t play on your turntable? I sure have! My first record player was…

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The Best and Worst of Vinyl Record Cleaners

Hey everyone, what a crazy week it has been!  I was hoping to get this post together last week, but I had submitted hair samples…

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red record player turntable

3 Impactful Record Player Upgrades

I’m really excited to share a few tips with you to improve your listening experience. It’s inevitable in every hobby that you eventually get the…

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Best Record Player On A Budget

If you are new getting to this hobby and need some guidance or something terrible happened to your turntable and you’re looking for something cheap…

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About Us

Welcome to Black Circle Vinyl and thanks for checking us out. Melyssa & Patrick The first time I went to Patrick’s house we hung out…

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