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Twenty Years of Awesome

Can you believe it’s been nearly twenty years since Canadian indie rock band Broken Social Scene first captured our attention?  Their unique sound contains lots of experimental elements with unique song structures featuring the crescendo of guitars, horns, and woodwinds in a delightful chaotic swirl. Quite a journey it has been since their start as a duo making ambient music to becoming the indie rock supergroup that they are today; a musical collective with as few as 6 or as many as 19 members at a time (which includes artists like Metric, Feist & KC Accidental). They have released some of the most innovative and compelling albums of the last twenty years, receiving regular acclaim from independent and mainstream music critics alike.

The Long Wait is Over

While the band never actually broke up they took quite a long break after their 2010 album, Forgiveness Rock Record.  Although, they came surging back seven years later with Hug of Thunder, which was welcomed with open arms by critics and fans alike (see what I did there?).

The New EP’s

Thankfully, while some of us may have been worried that it was going to take another seven years to hear more from them, they dropped an EP Let’s Try the After (Vol.1) back in February of this year, and while it wasn’t of the caliber to make any “best of” lists, the reaction it got was still positive. Now, this month they have dropped the second EP Let’s Try the After (Vol. 2).

A Great Choice For Any Indie Fan

This release may only consist of five songs but there are a fair amount of highs and lows.  The mood from volume one to volume two doesn’t change significantly which begs the question, why split up the release? However, as an EP that comes in at just under 20 minutes, it’s a solid listen.  Any fan of Broken Social Scene or of indie rock, in general, would probably enjoy giving this a spin.


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